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Craft type: Small boat Kick boat kayak
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I provide my information freely and voluntarily and confirm that it is truthful, accurate and current. I provide my information on the understanding that it will be used for the purposes of processing my registration for the event and communicating essential information to me. I consent to the event organiser, event organiser groups, event management organisation (collectively, the authorised persons) and subcontractors of the authorised persons, processing (including obtaining, accessing, transmitting, sharing, disclosing and storing) my information for the purposes (1) as set out above, and (2) for the administration and management of the event. My consent is given on the understanding that, (1) the authorised persons and their sub-contractors will conform to appropriate physical, procedural and technical safeguards to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of my information, (2) the authorised persons and their subcontractors will not sell, trade or disclose my information to third parties for their own use without my consent, and (3) I may withdraw my consent at any time on notice to the event organiser or the event management organisation. The organisers of TBC, their sponsors and/or representatives cannot be held responsible for the loss, damage or injury to the competitor's or spectators or any other person related to the TBC competitions property whatsoever. By accepting these terms and conditions you also acknowledge and agree to the rules of The Bass Challenge (TBC) as outlined by the website (Click here).
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